Sports support

Sergey is a sponsor of biathlon schools in Ryazan and Ulyanovsk, supports the development of veteran biathlon, and also financed the construction of two biathlon sports complexes, which now host major Russian competitions and introduce children and adults to this sport.

Implemented projects

Ulyanovsk, Russia
Биатлонный комплекс "Заря", карта трасс
Биатлонный комплекс "Заря",соревнования
Биатлонный комплекс "Заря",соревнования
Биатлонный комплекс "Заря", центральный вход
Zarya is a modern sports complex with an equipped 2.5 km long track. There is a children's biathlon school, which trains about 70 children, as well as a summer sports camp.
Skiing and speed skating classes are held here.

The center hosts major Russian competitions, and is also very popular among residents of the Ulyanovsk region.
Varskiye village, Ryazan region, Russia
Биатлонный комплекс "Алмаз", стрельбище
Биатлонный комплекс "Алмаз", стрельбище
Биатлонный комплекс "Алмаз", летняя программа
Биатлонный комплекс "Алмаз", стрельбище
The modern biathlon complex has two sports buildings, a shooting range for 30 firing lines, illuminated ski trails with a length of 2.3 and 5 km, as well as stands for 300 seats from which you can cheer for your favorite biathlon athletes.
Athletes of all ages, as well as residents of the Ryazan region, can go cross-country skiing in winter, and roller skiing or cycling in summer.
In biathlon, it is important, firstly, to calculate your strength well and keep a cool head throughout the race, and secondly, to concentrate and shoot quickly. And thirdly - even if there are a lot of mistakes, do not get upset, do not give up and run, work, fight to the last.
This is a competition not only with others, but above all with your own laziness, with yourself. All these qualities are very necessary in business.

Other activities