Personal Data Processing Policy

This Personal Data Processing Policy (hereinafter the Policy) was developed in accordance with Federal Law “On Personal Data” No. 152-FZ of July 27, 2006, and other Russian Federation personal data laws, and establishes the procedure of processing the personal data of individuals, which may be obtained in course of using the website  (hereinafter the Website).

We undertake to ensure the confidentiality of your personal data as well as safety during processing in accordance with the provisions of this Policy and the requirements of the laws of the Russian Federation.

While using the Website you are providing us with your personal data, which is neither special nor biometric, for an indefinite period of time (until you rescind your consent to the processing of your personal data), specifically the name, telephone number, email, as well as other information related to you as to an individual, directly or indirectly.

You hereby confirm that you are acting of your own volition, accord, and in your own interest, and confirm your legal capacity.

By providing your personal data, you consent that the personal data you provide will be processed by OOO NIKOL, address (location): ul. Gilyarovskogo 47, bldg. 5, room 8, Moscow, Russia, 129110, INN (Taxpayer Identification Number) 7702393757, OGRN (Primary State Registration Number) 5157746074140, both with and without the use of automation.

Processing your personal data encompasses the following data processing functions: collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, adding details (update, modification), extraction, usage, transfer (distribution, provision, access), depersonalization, blocking, deletion, destruction of the personal data.

The personal data of Data Subjects is stored in the Russian Federation. The above actions are performed by the Operator and involve the usage of databases located in the territory of the Russian Federation.

You hereby give us your consent to the transfer of your personal data to third parties for the purposes of processing it in accordance with the goals established by this Personal Data Processing Policy, on the basis of contracts by and between us and these third parties, and strictly within the scope of such contracts.

Granting access to the information in accordance with the justified and applicable requirements of the Russian Federation laws does not constitute a violation of obligations.

We use your personal data for the following purposes: sending you marketing newsletter, advertisement emails, updates, information and service messages, Website performance evaluation and analysis.

You hereby confirm that you have provided your own valid personal data.

Your consent becomes effective as of the moment you provide us with your personal (registration) data.
We hereby inform you that should you want to add more details to your personal data, restrict access to it, or destroy it, in the event that your personal data is incomplete, outdated, inaccurate, was obtained through illicit means, or is not required for the declared purpose of processing, or in the event you desire to rescind your consent to the processing of your personal data or rectify our wrongful actions in respect of your personal data, you must submit an official inquiry through the following procedure: by sending to us an official inquiry via the Russian Post to the address: ul. Gilyarovskogo 47, bldg. 5, room 8, Moscow, Russia, 129110, for the attention of: OOO NIKOL.

State the following information in the body of such an official inquiry you are sending to us: - your full name; - number of the primary identity document of the Data Subject or its representative, information on the date of issuance of said document and the issuing authority; - confirmation of your interactions between you and us or other information serving as evidence of your personal data being processed by us; - signature of the Data Subject (or their legal representative). Electronic inquiries must be in the form of an electronic document and signed with a digital signature, in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation.

We undertake to immediately cease any processing of your personal data as soon as we receive from you the petition (rescindment), and/or should the purpose of its processing be achieved, we will destroy it within the timeframe and according to the terms established by the law.

You may opt out of receiving marketing newsletter, advertisement emails, and updates by emailing us at:

Should you rescind your consent to the processing of your personal data, we are entitled to continue to process it without your consent, provided we have any of the grounds stipulated in Clauses 2 — 11 of Part 1 of Article 6, Part 2 of Article 10 and Part 2 of Article 11 of Federal Law of July 27, 2006 No. 152-FZ “On Personal Data.”

We are not responsible for information you make publicly available on the Website.

When processing personal data, we take the appropriate necessary organizational and technical steps to protect your personal data from unauthorized access or other unauthorized actions.

Please note that this Policy may be updated on account of possible amendments to the Laws of the Russian Federation or of changes within our internal processes. The new edition of the Policy becomes effective as of the moment it is published on the Website.

Consent to Personal Data Processing

By using this Website, you consent that we may collect and use your personal data and make online scoring (evaluation) of such personal data as your activity on the Website, cookies, location data, IP address.

Do we share your personal information with third parties?

We hereby undertake not to share, not to profit off, not to let out, and not to make user information otherwise publicly available to anyone outside our company.

Personal data can be made available to third parties exclusively when it is justifiably necessary for the purposes of: 1. following legal regulations 2. fulfilling or applying any of our user agreements or 3. protection of rights, property or security of our company, including, but not limited to, for the purposes of ensuring a safe functionality of our internal processes, the safety of our users and other persons.

How do we ensure the safety of the personal data?

All the personal data we collect is protected from unauthorized access with cutting-edge security technology.

What are "cookies" and similar technologies?

"Cookies" – a small data fragment saved by the web-host as a small text file to the hard drive of your computer. The files are used to store user data. "Cookies" make the Website more functional through keeping track of user preferences. Cookies themselves do not identify the user, but they do identify the user's device. We and our independent partner service providers have the right to, among other things, use pixel tags (also known as web beacons, web bugs, or clear GIFs) on the Website and in our emails. A pixel tag is a virtually unnoticeable graphic image on a web page or inside an electronic message, shrunk to the size of a single pixel.

Using the cookies, pixel tags, and similar technology, we and our independent partner service providers collect the following data: user interactions with the Website, Website access time log, email receipt confirmation, including the time of opening the email, whether any of the links in it were clicked; information on the websites accessed after visiting ours.

The collection of personal data is executed directly by us through our pages on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and our other social media accounts.

How do I unsubscribe?

The user has the right to unsubscribe or change their subscription to any of our information letters or other newsletters at any time by emailing us at:

In Conclusion

We are doing our best to ensure the safety of the personal data of our users. The data received through the Website will only be available to authorized personnel. We do not sell, profit off, or let out the personal data of the users to third parties. Feedback is always welcome. Any questions and suggestions related to the Policy can be emailed to us at: