Business climate development

Business is a high-risk activity. It needs a high-quality regulatory environment without unnecessary barriers and additional shocks
It is necessary not to introduce prohibitions, but to give the opportunity to develop, to contribute to this as much as possible
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Деловой форум
Sergey Kolesnikov, along with his business activities, also works on the development of the business climate in Russia and the support of Russian entrepreneurs.

The main focus of his attention in this area is to increase the efficiency of interaction between business and the state
federal draft laws were revised with the participation of Sergey
Delovaya Rossiya
Общественная деятельность Сергея Колесникова
As the head of the Antimonopoly Legislation Committee of the All-Russian Public Organization Delovaya Rossiya, Sergey is making efforts to harmonize the interests of Russian manufacturers and entrepreneurs, taking into account the initiatives of the Federal Antimonopoly Service.
Путин и Колесников
Among the priority areas of his committee's work are streamlining and reducing the corruption potential of the system of penalties, as well as reducing and finalizing often contradictory regulations in the field of antimonopoly legislation.
Sergey participates in the work of twelve organizations and committees
List of public organizations
Sergey Kolesnikov takes part in the work of the following organizations:
Today, the activities of antimonopoly regulators, as well as the activities of any authority, should be aimed at economic growth.

This is expected by both entrepreneurs and industrialists.
We have many points of contact, and I hope that a well-structured dialogue will allow us to significantly improve the situation in the field of antimonopoly policy.

Other activities